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Established in Spain in 1994, Pressto is now the world’s largest series of quality state dry cleaning with over 700 outlets in over 22 nations. Mr. Arunabh Sinha is currently the Founder and CEO at UClean. Cotton Care is dedicated to helping you attain an excellent lifestyle by taking the most dreaded job of ironing and laundry cleaning off your to-do list. The service was prompt, could have added polishing for it. Cleaner that is left on upholstery will bring dirt and end up looking dirty and dingy.

Not only professional sofa cleaners clean but also sanitize it i.e. free of dust mites, fungi and bacteria. Besides, couch re-upholstery and blinds fabrication , we’ve expanded our services from drapes fabrication to drape monitor replacement and repair that makes our company one of the most flexible and trusted in regards in providing curtains, blinds, and sofa re-upholstery services.

Renew Dry-cleaners is just company in India supplying,AMC solutions for Sofa’s,Carpet,Blinds and office seat. Contain your own time and energy, cost of merchandise and the price of repair of damage that might be done into the fabric. Active Laundry gives a convenient dry cleaning and laundry collection and delivery services for you.

Our team of engineers and support experts would also be happy to tailor-make solutions to cater to your particular requirements. Dust collecting cloth upholsteries will first be vacuumed by our industrial standard vacuum cleaner to extract embedded dust and airborne particles prior to upholstery set undergoes complete low moisture shampooing process.

Fabric upholstery collects dust and sometimes succumbs to dirt and stains that are unsightly and not sterile. There are certain things that people do not have time for, don’t know how to Do things properly or just can’t manage doing this such as laundry and dry cleaning. Get Timesaverz ensured cleaning team and be a proud owner of a squeaky clean vehicle! .

The cleaners were on time, they werevery efficient. We’ve cleaned more than 10K sofas so we sure know what we’re doing. Every team member undergoes a rigorous training program on quality and hygiene before being permitted to start his job. You will want to put the cleaner on a rag and then wash the blot until it is removed.

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